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Streamline your visitor management

A quick and intuitive sign-in process


Receive instant email and SMS notifications to notify hosts their visitors are here.


Visitors can check out using their QR coded badges. Each QR code is assigned to each individual.


We'll add your company logo to display on the IPad app. Instant recognition for your visitor!

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Showcase your brand

Impress your visitors with a fully customised iPad design that showcases your company along with your logo with a customised welcome message.

A professional and modern sign-in experience.

Automate your T&C's
Make it simple for your visitors to sign the term & conditions for visiting your site.
From a security disclaimer to safety guidelines for visitors - you can customise what you need for you company.
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It's never been easier to manage visitors and contractors

Badge_design 2.png
Quickly print badges

It's important to know who's on site, and more importantly - who's not meant to be! with your customised badges, you can see at a glance if your visitor is authorised.

Want a custom layout badge? We can do that too!

Instant Notifications
Let Skilled Safe notify your team when their visitors arrive - save time, which saves money.
The Host will receive an email and SMS notification once their visitor has successfully checked in.
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Ready to join our revolution?

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