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Induction Management made easy.

Inductions don't have to be repetitive and boring!

Our software will make induction management a breeze.

By moving your induction process online, you can induct people faster and more consistently - anytime, anywhere 24/7 via our cloud based platform.

From our discovery meeting with you, we will analyse your needs and tailor a solution specific for your business.


We understand business - time equals money. Want better ways to onboard your workers all on the one platform? Our online system will let you achieve that effectively and efficiently. 

Reduce administration time. 

Reduce training time. 

Hit the ground running. 
We do all the set-up for you so you can get on with it!

Your designated portal will have your company logo and we can customise images to reflect your brand - giving instant recognition.



Our WHS Professional can work with you directly to develop an efficient and effective induction

course for your work industry



From your induction request, you can request and re cord all required documents and keep track of their expiry.


Email laptop graphic.png
Automate reminders and renewals

Skilled safe will automatically request a user to renew their course based on what you require. Automation that helps you ensure courses and certificates are up-to-date ensuring compliance.

Be in the know with email alerts

Automation doesn't mean you don't need to keep in the loop. The system will send you emails when a user completes an induction or uploads their licenses.

Dynamic Reporting

Generate reports you need with easy to use filters and export them to excel within a click.

Whether you need targeted report systems such as by department, course, personnel or location - you can get accurate up to date results.



Ready to join our revolution?

Get in touch for a free demo today.

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